Hot Elephant Artists

Lapo Lombardi A.K.A. Ludus Pinsky – Italy.

He is one of the most important producer among the Hot Elephant artists and Robotnick’s main collaborator since the early 2000s
RELEASES: Nothing Is As It appearsLettrobox 1

With The Analog Session: AprilRemixes 1Remixes 2Black GroundWhen Machines Get Funky

With Italcimenti: Under ConstructionSturm Und DrugConcrete MusicA Dream Called Cement

With Robotnick: Underwater Café

Mattia Tuliozi A.K.A. Tulioxi – Italy

RELEASES: Spring Cleaning EverydayThe Old Radio ShowApollo 409.
He is also one of the remixers of Early Morning Raga by The Analog Session

Lorenzo Banchi A.K.A. Lore J – Italy

RELEASES: Animal Funk (remix from Apollo 409)
Along with Alexander Robotnick: A Fleeting Visit to the FairHot in NovemberFlying Fishes in the Sky

GMM (acronym for Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici) – Italy

Multimedia group featuring Maurizio Dami, Andrea Zingoni, Antonio Glessi, Loretta Mugnai, Marco Paoli, Giancarlo Torri
RELEASES: Love SupremeMovimenti Sul FondoGMM SuiteIn-A-Gadda-Da-VidaMusic For InstallationsGMM (the album!)

Boliwar Miranda – India

Boliwar Miranda collaborated with Maurizio Dami From the half of 90s till the early 2000, releasing CDs with Materiali Sonori (Italy) under the name “Masala”
RELEASES: Jait Jungle – The Art of Boliwar Miranda

Maurizio Dami A.K.A. Alexander Robotnick

He is the owner of Hot Elephant Music
RELEASES: Oh No…Robotnick!Rare Robotnick’sMy La(te)st AlbumI’m Getting Lost in My BrainCe N’Est Q’Un DébutRobotnick’s ArchivesMusic for an Imaginary ClubThe Four Seasons.
Along with Ludus Pinsky he created many music projects such us Italcimenti, The Analog Session. See Ludus Pinsky’s releases

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