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My La(te)st Album

My La(te)st Album was produced by Maurizio Dami A.K.A. Alexander Robotnick in 2007. It has released by Hot Elephant Music in digital and CD format. This work can be labeled as electro-techno music and electro-disco music. The CD is still on sale at the Hot Elephant’s shop at DISCOGS 

Or you can buy the digital files here

The title “My La(te)st Album”  is a veiled threat to ceasing my production activity. But it’s ironic. No way for Alexander Robotnick to stop making music. Because it’s an addiction.


1 Disco Sick 4:18
2 We Love The Music 5:09
3 I’m Getting Lost In My Brain 4:19
4 Jette Le Masque 4:45
5 Don’t Get In It 2:52
6 Acid Magma 4:17
7 In A Positive Mood 5:15
8 Addio Addio 5:44
9 Don’t Get Out, Love Me 5:02
10 A Coffee Shop In Rotterdam 4:32
11 Dublin-Florence-Siena 5:19
12 You Are Fesh! 6:15
13 My Battery Is Low 7:17


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