Underwater Café

About This Project


“Underwater Café” is the “ambient music” for an imaginary Café under the ocean, the landing place of the most diverse life-styles ,where customers fill with a sense of suspension from time and space, where fragments of music styles and sound experiences from different times filter and expand into a fluid and dreamy dimension.
The soft but incisive rhythm of “Underwater Café” with its echoes of jazz, Latin-dance and progressive pop invites to smooth, easy listening evoking melodies and suggestions and adding fluid “comfort” to social gathering spaces
Underwater Café is available on CD and Digital
Ludus Pinsky & Alexander Robotnick: Underwater Café
1 Flor 4:51
2 The Back Room 5:20
3 Blec 3:34
4 Come Here 4:49
5 Underwater Cafe 5:15
6 Pinna 4:50
7 Fressu 5:17
8 To Walk Her Home 4:43
9 Tellirama 4:40
10 Lo 103 4:29
11 Space Dawn 5:40
12 Night Stars 6:06

Alexander Robotnick, electronic music, Lapo Lombardi, Lounge Music, Ludus Pinsky, Maurizio Dami