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Ludus Pinsky – Lettrobox 1

Ludus.Pinsky, aka Lapo Lombardi, is a Florence-based musician with a passion for electronics.
Ludus.Pinsky is a real star on Youtube: the video-clips made with A.R. for “The Analog Session” project had more than a million views and they are still growing.

N5 From Outer Space
But Ludus is also a nerd, committed since years to design and build complex circuits, a subject he’s by now as skilled in as an electronic engineer.

Ludus Pinsky’s website
It’s only his friend Robotnick who succeeds in pulling him away from his electronic maze and taking him back to the materiality of music. And so, during a short break from his transistors and microprocessors , Ludus put together 8 tracks with the intent of giving me some material for a techno project. But when I listened to them, I decided they were just fine as they were. Nothing to be added. So I only mixed them. It’s a sort of hallucinated techno. ….no
surprise if you know the author…But it is as solid and material as analog sound is. Ludus’ real talent as an artist of modulations comes out in full. His special sensitivity when modulating analog sounds produces a flow that’s never lacking of music sense. Modulations worthy of a true musician.
1) Compuslave
2) Optimistic Dodo
3) Catatuned
4) An Itch At Sunset
Music and sounds: Ludus Pinsky
Mixing: Alexander Robotnick

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