Under Construction

Italcimenti - Under Construction

About This Project

Italcimenti – Under Construction
Ludus Pinsky (Lapo Lombardi) and Alexander Robotnick (Maurizio Dami) are Italcimenti, a fuzz project seeking to re-construct the way to heavy-cement music, so sadly
famous in the early 80s.
Thanks to their boldenss and daring a new generation of survivors will have the chance again to listen to the sound that makes your legs feel as heavy as cement blocks.

Italcimenti – Under Construction

Music & Production: Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky

Track list:

1. Beyond The Mind
2. Disco Tamarro
3. Electric Dancer
4. Structural Collapse
5. Lunar Weekend
6. Trigger Happy
7. Jimbo
8. Bela Lugosi Is Dead
9. Bencio
10. Like A Dreamer
11. For You


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