About This Project

Alkemya (1997) was a trio of musicians tired of spending hours sitting in front of the PC to democratically decide the direction to follow. They therefore decided to turn back to improvisation yet without giving up the opportunities provided by the use of the computer. Thanks to technology it is possible to see and edit the result of a real interaction among musicians on the computer screen.
So, Alkemya’s music is substancially “live-performed”, it’s a reaction against the unbearable coldheartedness of so much electronic music, generated exclusively by the process of superimposing and editing different tracks.
Alkemya band was performed by : Maurizio Dami (Alexander Robotnick) – Lapo Lombardi (Ludus Pinsky) – Ranieri Cerelli
It can’t be classed in a specific genre, fluctuating among ambient music, electronic music, trance and sampledelic music.

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ALKEMYA – See the original release on DiscoGS
Lapo Lombardi (Ludus Pinsky)
Productions and collaborations till 1997:
I Refuse It : EP “I Refuse It” (Belfagor Records bel003 ),
LP “Permanent Scar” (CRRecords gurt3 england),
LP “M” (Belfagor Records bel006) ;
Lashtal CD “Thoum Aesh Neith” (Nekrophile Records 83296 USA) ;
Village Criers :LP “Village Criers” (Wide Records wd006) .
Il Generale : 45 “Non è un miraggio! Roberto Baggio” (Wide Records wd003), CD “Stupefacente” (Wide Records wd011), CD “Guarda la luna e non il dito” (Wide Records wd017) produced with Madaski .
Ch’i : CD “Energy” (Contro con CockneyMusic) , CD “CH’I” (CockneyMusic ads 003) , EP “Macedonia Ittelesi” (Adesiva Records ads004).
Martin Paterson REMIX “Stuffed Hostage” e “Tocuba” (WOT4 Records) .
Ice MC songs : “Tell me” and “New Style 2000” in “Dreadatour” (CD Polydor 531 466-2).
ALKEMYA with Maurizio Dami and Ranieri Cerelli
He collaborated with : Jean Binta Breeze, Red Dred,Brahima Djembele, Ruff Selector,Kaas&the Warriors, One Drop Band, Jaka.

Ranieri Cerelli
Not really keen on giving information about himself.
In the 70s he plays rock and blues guitars and participates to records and gigs by Italian song-writers (Cocciant, Riondino).
In the 80s he was the guitarist of the band NEON , releasing 6 records. Then he joined the SCUDOCROW , releases 2 records and takes part to “Discoverde”, “Cantagiro” and “Sanremo Rock” but he isn’t really proud of all that. ….
In the 90s he created the ambient-music band CH’I and releases the following CDs: “Energy” (Contro with Cockney Music ) “CH’I” (Cockney Music ads 003) and the EP “Macedonia Ittelesi” (Adesiva Records ads 004).
He produced the soundtrack of “Jimi in the space” a Video-clip by G.M.M.

1998, Alexander Robotnick, Ambient, D&B, Dub, Hot Elephant, Lapo Lombardi, Ludus Pinsky, Maurizio Dami, Music, Ranieri Cerelli