E.A.S.Y. Vol 1

About This Project


E.A.S.Y. (Elephants Are Sometimes Young) is a project inspired by wire-radio music from the 60s and 70s turned on by awkward knobs at the bedside tables of cheap hotel rooms and dominated by French orchestras such as Franc Pourcel’s and Paul Moriat’s.
“Easy listening” music rewritten with a modern taste that pumps new life into the stereotypes of Jazz and Brasilian groove by adding to them a subtle underground touch. “Lounge music” for Tuscan landscapes (where its authors live) and Mediterranean rocks, swinging from nostalgic echoes of the roaring years to present-day “chill-out” atmospheres. (2002)
Music: Maurizio Dami – Alessandro Di Puccio – Ettore Bonafè

1 Open Air 4:53
2 Sweet Vineyard 3:14
3 Albarosa 3:26
Composed By – Alessandro di Puccio (2), Alexander Robotnick
4 Coffee Cleans The Head 4:26
Composed By – Alessandro di Puccio (2), Alexander Robotnick
5 The Found Picture 4:10
6 Hot Club 4:28
7 The Waiting Room 5:54
8 I Wanna Give Devotion 4:23
Composed By – Alexander Robotnick, Ettore Bonafé
9 September 4:56
10 Anything Else? 5:23
11 Black & White Birds 4:40

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