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GMM – Music For Installations (1984/1985)
Music composed and produced by Maurizio Dami (Alexander Robotnick) in 1984/1985.
1) Music For Installations part 1
2) MusicFor Installations part 2 ”
I composed and produced these tracks during my first 2 years of activity with multimedia group GMM.
They were originally used as ambient music for video-installations and as the soundtrack of videos with spoken lines. This is the case, for example, of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida or GMM Suite.
I made all of these tracks using one of the first entirely digital music production systems: Alpha Syntauri.
It consisted of two boards to be inserted into the relevant slots of Apple 2 (but I used its clone “Lemon”). The software was written in Basic and was quite coarse and would not allow any quantization.
But its sound was interesting: purely additive synthesis with the possibility to control the envelop of each added overtone . Unfortunately all that happened within eight bit domaine.
So there was considerable digital distortion and it sounded fairly cold. But as you listen to them today that sound has a special appeal. The cold and abstract 80s atmosphere – in the style of the eighties – that it generated allowed me to compose very simple themes, sometimes abstract, sometimes sentimental : but the final result would still match what the sound meant to describe: a glance onto reality that was detached and part of it at the same time.
These tracks are presented in a suite divided into 2 parts.
Maurizio Dami (Alexander Robotnick)


In-A-Gadda-Da-VidaGMM SuiteMovimenti Sul FondoLove Supreme


1985, Alexander Robotnick, Ambient, Andrea Zingoni, Antonio Glessi, GMM, Hot Elephant, Installations, Loretta Mugnai, Maurizio Dami, Music, Videoinstallation