Alexander Robotnick Love Supreme

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In 1984 Alexander Robotnick joined “Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici”, an Italian multimedia -oriented group, and composed sound-tracks for theatre works, videos and video-installations. For the same group – whose name was later shortened to GMM – Robotnick produced an album (“GMM” by Materiali Sonori) and a single. Its B side “Love Supreme” rapidly became a real “cult” for many DJs and was included in a number of compilations, among which “Desert Island” by Alex Patterson & Norman J. Hot Elephant Music – Robotnick’s label – has decided to make this track available on the digital market, releasing it in 4 versions: 1) Love Supreme (edit) – a simple re-edit by Robotnick for easy use by present-day DJs. 2) Love Supreme (groove) including only the rhythmic part, a useful tool for DJs. 3) Love Supreme (orignal 12″) 4) Love Supreme (original) – the original track from the above-mentioned album. The highlight of this track is Stefano “Cocco” Cantini, a well known Italian Jazz musician, improvising on sax , giving the track its unique flavour and introducing dance music fans to authentic jazz sound. This Robotnick’s work is obviously inspired by the famous track by John Coltrane.


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Music for Installations

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Alexander Robotnick, GMM, Stefano Cantini