A Fleeting Visit to the Fair

About This Project


Lorenzo Banchi A.K.A. Lore J Dj Since 1993 he has worked in the
main clubs of Tuscany Considerad a “Free Style Dj” , Lore plays
different sounds, from Ambient to Techno with very accurate
mixing technique, Great collector of vinyls and lover “Trancy”
concept in various musical styles. Alexander Robotnick says: I have
known Lorenzo since 2003. Although he is much younger than me,
he belongs to the previous DJs’ generation, that of the 90s. For
some time he would show up at my studio with a bunch of vinyls he
had borrowed from a friend’s shop to listen to. We would buy the
tracks we loved and share their cost. He would keep the vinyls and I
would digitally record them and play them on my laptop. Sometimes
I would invite him to listen to some unreleased tracks or works in
progress which he would work on or re-edit. Later he released
those tracks with Casissima, his label. More recently, searching my
archive he’s found this track. Its provisional title was “Disco 118″.
He worked on it and changed its title into ” A Fleeting Visit To The
Fair”. Playlist: 1) A Fleeting Visit To The Fair (original mix) 2) A
Fleeting Visit To The Fair (J Vision mix) Lorenzo’s version. follows
the original mix.


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