Ludus Pinsky Nothing Is As It Appears

About This Project


Ludus Pinsky is Lapo Lombardi’s alter ego, a multitalented Florentine artist , well-known in the Italian Reggae/Dub scene. Among others he worked with Ice MC and Il Generale. More recently he’s been sharing Alexander Robotnick’s passion for analog synths , collaborating with him on 2 projects, Italcimenti and The Analog Session.
This is his first solo EP, featuring 4 tracks constructed with analog rigour and a futuristic rather than rétro sound.
Ludus Pinsky develops and assembles himself the equipment he works with to obtain the kind of sound he needs.
The 4 tracks in this EP range from tribal electronics as in “Modular Tribe” to futuristic pop as in “Synthy Craft”, from the film-score-like theme of “Nothing is as it appears” to electronic disco as in “Umma Flute”

Nothing is as it appears