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Early Morning Raga
The Analog Session is a band composed by two musicians: Alexander Robotnick and Ludus
Pinsky , who started the project in February 2009.
Their début video-clip “N5 from outer space”, hosted by Alexander Robotnick’s YouTube channel
has had sofar around half million views.
The Analog session’s music is mainly born out of improvisation sessions at Robotnick’s studios in
Florence and in live performances improvised music prevails over the written one and what is
played by machines.
After their début album, released by This Is Music LTD, the duo produced two more albums: April
(digital only Hot Elephant Music 2012) – Black Ground (Hot Elephant Music 2015 CD – digital).
Early Morning Raga is their new single , introducing the release of their album due in the early
months of 2019, produced by Alexander Robotnick’s label, Hot Elephant Music.
With this track, the two artists tackle a style which , just like Jazz, is considered the most profound
and refined expression of melodic improvisation in music: Indian Raga.
Robotnick and Pinsky never claimed to compare with Indian classical music Masters who
traditionally spend up to 10 years studying and practicing before playing in front of an audience.
Anyway, drawing on their long experience with modal improvisation, they decided to pay tribute to
a music style which is only superficially known to the Western public.
Here is the video-clip

The central element in this clip is a Wasp, the synthesizer designed in 1976 by Albert Wagner ,
who unfortunately passed away recently, whose technical characteristics, in Robotnick’s opinion ,
magically blend with the Indian style.
In this clip the Wasp looks like a sort of UFO, symbolizing electronics’ intrusion on Indian tradition.
It is therefore with great satisfaction ( although maybe a little bit pretentiously) that Hot Elephant
Music opens this window onto Indian electronic music to the Western public, in the hope of
encouraging some other Indian producers to deal with their unique and matchless roots b because
if something must be saved from the pervasive standardization deriving from wild and super fast
globalisation , it’s indeed the artistic expression of different cultures, as this is peoples’ true and
invaluable wealth.
In this project they were supported by the remixes of two Italian producers (two Florentines
Lore J
and three emerging Indian producers, already featuring in the compilation “Indian Tech Express”.
Pawas Gupta

Here is a preview mix on Soundcloud

Here is the link to the video

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