Alexander Robotnick - Radio Versions Vol 4

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Radio Versions Vol 4

Radio Versions VOL 4 by Alexander Robotnick includes 8 tracks:

1 Maiden Voyage 00:03:55
2 Impressions 00:03:52
3 Freddie The Freeloader 00:03:25
4 Media House 00:03:46
5 Moon Dance 00:03:48
6 Freaker 00:03:33
7 Famino 00:04:00
8 Night Echoes 00:03:59

Robotnick has always loved modal jazz of the 60s but had never practiced on it since his early studies in music in the 70s. The reason why after so many years he is approching these themes again is to show how their appeal remains unchanged even when interpreted in an “easy listening” mood like that of Robotnick’s “techno disco”. All tracks from Music For an  Imaginary Club

All tracks composed by Alexander Robotnick but n1 by
Herbie Hancock n2 by John Coltrane n3 by Miles Davis All tracks
produced by Alexander Robotnick 

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Freddie the Freeloader, Hot Elephant, Impressions, Maiden Voyage, Music, radio versions, Robotnick