Hybrid Protokol - Samsara

About This Project

Kolkata based electronic duo Hybrid Protokol are back with a brand new work exploring electronic ambient music : Samsara. Hybrid Protokol have been purveyors of ‘Live’ Electronic Music since their inception. Leaning heavily on analog hardwares to create all their music and putting on live shows that are 100% ‘Live’ – they’ve stuck to their guns and have been through thick and thin – trying to carve a space for themselves on the Indian circuit. Recently they have made music for Feature Films, collaborated with Contemporary Dancers and have also played the first Boiler Room in Kolkata. In addition to leveraging field recordings and ambient soundscapes within their primarily analog studio setting, they perform “Live” using an array of synthesisers, drum machines, and samplers. Aneesh’s feel for the manipulation of Soumajit’s distinct sounds has led to a unique mix of skills responsible for the punchy, dynamic sounds HP is known for today.

Samsara starring: Soumajit Ghosh and Aneesh Basu

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