Kind of Robotnick (Simple Music 3)

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Kind of…Robotnick

Here comes the third album of the “Simple Music” series : “Kind of…. Robotnick”.

The first 4 tracks are instrumental , the other 2 contain vocals and lyrics The last one is instrumental.

“Lipstick” is about the need to wipe off one’s lipstick before kissing someone …whether a woman or a man. In “What you think of me” a guy is rather concerned about the others’ (in his case women’s) opinion of him. It’s the metaphor of the typical insecurity of our times – especially in the youths – dominated by the need of approval on “social media” to build a fairly shaky personality onto.

“Kiss me Love Goodbye” is about the present day banality of feelings. A passionate suitor pour out a collection of stereotyped lines taken from the music listened to along the years. A woman laughs at his attempts to seduce her with trite love expressions and answers that they won’t work on her and so: “kiss me love goodbye”.

What about the instrumental tracks? ” Moving Light”, “Roboroder”, “A Tech House in Nilwella” and “Frenzy Games” are dance-floor oriented tracks which also include some music, actually Simple Music. “Rounding About” is in typical early Robotnick’s style, where his TB303 dominates.

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