97 Bad Masters Compilation

About This Project


97 Bad Masters Compilation is the follow-up of “Robotnick’s Archives” with a special focus on the 90’s.
So the 90’s are back, right? With their dreamy deep atmospheres , their simple house grooves, with samplersdominating the scene where electronics is mixed up with samples of acoustic instruments, in an ever serene and dreamlike mood…
YES, BUT the 90’s were something else too! There was the Bad Masters’ techno as well!
Noise like rhythmic scansion, extreme digital modulation, exasperated editing.
From his huge archives Robotnick fishes out some experimental techno-house and dub tracks he had fun producing in the late 90’s, while his major creative energy was turned to ambient and world-music.
Starting with “Science” and “Modulation” – that could be defined Industrial-techno – and “Tangerine Blob” – a sort of Goa-Trance