Rare Robotnick's - Hot Elephant Music

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Rare Robotnick’s is a collection of previously unreleased tracks by Alexander Robotnick.
You can listen to the tracks here
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Released in Octobed 2003 by Hot Elephant Music. Available on CD and Digital
1. Dance Boy Dance (2003 remix)
2. Hola Macci Kola (2003 remix)
3. Amo Solo Elefantesse Morte (original)
4. Les Grands Voyages De L’Amour (original)
5. Ciucci Kola (original)
6. I Remember Kamchaka (original)
7. Time (original)
8. Soundtrack (original)
9. No Title (original)
10. Celle Vache De Ma Mere (original)
11. Mi Fo Una Pommarola (original)
12. Araba (original)
13. Ascenseur Pour L’Echafaud (original)
14. Problemes D’Amour (demo)
15. Ambient Robo (original)
16. Blues 1 (original)
17. Blues 2 (original)
18. Scrapple For The Apple (original)
19. The Vampir (original)
20. Litbarski Drive (original)
21. Neighbour (original)
22. Inquisitronic (original)

80s, Alexander Robotnick, electronic music, Maurizio Dami