Bottin & Robotnick - Parade Robottin

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Bottin & Robotnick – Parade Robottin HEM1514 25/01/2016

First collaboration by Bottin and Alexander Robotnick.

Two tracks composed and produced in Florence during Summer 2015.

1) “Parade” is an instrumental track that definitely breaks away from the repetitive style of most dance music and consists in a long progression of chords. Starting from Italo-Disco the two artists travel into a trance-like, hypnotic dimension.

2) “Robottin” , as the title suggests , reflects the producers’ subtly ironic attitude . It contains all the typical ingredients of modern disco and tech-house: incessant bass-lines, broken chords, analogue synths and funny vocals.

Bottin & Robotnick – Parade Robottin was also released on vynil by TIN, Bottin’s personal label releasing Bottin’s works as well as his projects with other artists.
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