Music For An Imaginary Club Vol 6

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Alexander Robotnick: Music For An Imaginary Club VOL 6
Following the jazz-oriented previous releases , with Volume 6 Robotnick goes back to the darker atmospheres he’s more familiar with . TB303, synth-arpeggios and modal chords pads are all back to the foreground.
“This Is No Country For Heroes” (122 bpm) is not really a dance track but rather a soundtrack. The country referred to in the title is obviously Italy but it may apply to many other countries as well. A highly dramatic theme breaks into a dark and unusual Samba rhythm symbolizing the light-minded and superficial way leaders – not only political – are first exalted and then violently thwarted in this country.
“India” (120 bpm) , despite its title, does not contain any traditional Indian music – which indeed Robotnick knows quite well – but is inspired on urban India, chaotic and “globalized” , a country of numberless contrasts.
“Tubuntu” (120 bpm) , whose title is probably derived from the famous open-source O.S. , is a typical track in Robotnick’s style that starts in a tech-house mood and turns “progressive” at the end for those who feel like listening till the end….