Music for an Imaginary Club Vol 9

About This Project


Chapter n.9 of Music for an Imaginary Club consists of 3 disco-tech
tracks. In “Don’t Look Back” (105 bpm) Robotnick takes a typical
Italo-Disco riff and blends it into a slow electro-funk rhythm where
an obstinate TB303 pattern makes the skeleton of a body full of
references to the tones of the 80s and yet the track has no classical
Italo-disco sound. The same concept applies to the second track ,
“Deep Italo” (118 bpm) : here too a typical Italo-disco riff is
introduced into a virtually deep-house context. It’s never easy to
stick music genre labels to Robotnick’s tracks. Robotnick’s entire
production of these last years takes up a real challenge: competing
with “all digital” contemporary music production using the warm
sounds of his vintage synths, processing them with modern digital
technologies but never leveling them off into the unreality of digital
sound. “Let The Rhythm Play On” (126 bpm) closes Chapter n. 9
with an ironic pot-pourri of many different musical styles, ranging
from funky to ambient-house and techno.