Music For An Imaginary Club VOL 3

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Alexander Robotnick: Music For An Imaginary Club VOL 3
Third release of Robotnick’s project “Music For An Imaginary Club”
1) Kind Of Blues (123 bpm) has nothing to do with Miles Davis, it’s a disco-tech track where the cyclic turnaround recalls a sort of blues progression.
2) I Love This Clive (125 bpm)is a tech-house track where the clive plays a funky groove. A synth-wave part completes this journey across the universe of funky electronics.
3) Kali Yuga (124 bpm) is the time of Kali, our time. Nothing is as it appears. Like this track itself that starts off in electro-house style and then plunges into deep-house.
On sale at the major digital music shops from February 8, 2016