Music For An Imaginary Club Vol 5

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Alexander Robotnick: Music For An Imaginary Club VOL 5
Fifth release of “Music for an imaginary club” series. After re-visiting some jazz standards in Volume 4 , Robotnick further introduces jazz mood into electronic music with three funky-oriented tracks.
The first is “Freaker” (120 bpm) where out of an electro-funky base come synthetic horns and also a romantic theme , something Robotnick unfortunately can’t do without.
The next one , “Love machine ” (120 bpm) , is derived from a MIDI file Robtnick found on a website entirely dedicated to jazz transcriptions. He looked for its composer , couldn’t find him but was so much in love with that material that he drew inspiration from it to create a funcky track played by an imaginary electronic band.
Finally “Media House” (124 bpm) is a very rhythmic track echoing modal jazz with a horn riff that cyclically breaks in like a wave of energy. During the whole production, Robotnick was oddly haunted by a fantasy: a guy with a glass in his hand dancing along that horn riff heading to the dancefloor from the bar. The dancefloor in his imaginary club, of course.