Music For An Imaginary Club Vol 7

About This Project


Alexander Robotnick: Music For An Imaginary Club VOL 7
Alexander Robotnick’s project “Music for an Imaginary Club” embraces a large variety of electronic music styles : this latest release, VOL 7 , focuses on Techno.
It opens with “Zombies’Tune” (123 bpm) , a minimalist track based on a powerful electronic groove: a music phrase, almost a call , comes up from time to time…it’s the signal.
“Missing the future” (125 bpm) is a more cheerful, party-oriented track that features guitar riffs and
electronic horns. After the melody of the central part it dives back into Robotnick’s electronic funky.
“They are singing again” (127 bpm) is a somewhat darker but still dreamy track. The halfway melody sounds
intentionally alien and can be perceived as the result of a nightmare or as a message of hope. It depends on your mood.